Pets are household animals kept for companionship, amusement, protection for home, or interest. There are many kinds of pet animals - reptiles, amphibians, fish, bird, small mammals - and they are generally categorized into two: domesticated and non-domesticated.

Domesticated pets are those that have been kept in captivity for long. They exhibit gentleness, docility, or calmness as opposed to their wild relatives. Dogs and cats are the most popular examples of domesticated pets.

Non-domesticated or wild pets refer to any animal species that have no earmarked differences with their wild counterparts, such as snakes, turtles, and macaws.

Keeping a pet is an activity that is widely enjoyed by people of all ages and nationalities. The benefit of owning one is not limited to companionship or amusement. Studies made in Australia and Holland showed that pet keeping has various health benefits, too. People who own or live with a pet don’t get stressed easily.

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